Tab L. Uno

Clearfield, Utah

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) .. Peter Weir
    An eerie, haunting mystery of the unknown fate of three girls in the turn of the century Australian outback. Directed by Peter Weir.

  • Manhunter (1986) .. Michael Mann
    William Petersen (of CSI fame) provides the best detective, techno-thriller movie made.

  • Atonement (2007) .. Joe Wright
    A brilliant piece of cinematic art incorporating an exciting, compelling blend of sound effects, set design, along with the creative weaving of alterative realities in this presentation a romantic drama set during World War II. Ten of out Ten Stars. Reviewed 1/5/07.

  • Nomads (1986) .. John McTiernan
    One of the most captivating, haunting, eerie movies made starring Pierce Brosnan in one of his finest performances as a anthropologist and the female doctor who has a strange connection to him in her attempts to discover the mystery of his man’s demise.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) .. Stanley Kubrick
    A sci fi classic that set a new standard of technical brilliance and special effects that has yet to be surpassed. Directed byStanley Kubrick. AFI #22. IMDb #88. National Film Registry movie.

  • Doctor Zhivago (1965) .. David Lean
    Omar Shariff and Julie Christie star in the historical epic of the Russian Revolution. AFI #39.

  • The Reader (2008) .. Stephen Daldry
    An intensely moving and powerful movie about romantic love, about legal morality, about vital decisions of life-altering events. Kate Winslet with a brilliant performance engages in a relationship with Ralph Fiennes as a boy. This is the "Summer of 42," "Love Story" packaged into a haunting, emotionally riveting story about Winslet’s character as a Nazi SS employee on trial and Mr. Fienne’s character having to reconcile his own conscience. With minor omissions notwithstanding, a classic movie. [Reviewed 1/5/09]. 9/10.

  • The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) .. Andrew Dominik
    A "Lost in Translation" of the West, with a powerfully visceral depiction of the old West along with brilliant performances by Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck.

  • North Country (2005) .. Niki Caro
    This powerful, compelling, and intimately involving movie regarding a woman miner played by Charlize Theron and first sexual harassment class action lawsuit is consistently dramatic and inspirationally awesome in its performances and script. [Reviewed 12/30/05].

  • Alien (1979) .. Ridley Scott
    The original theatrical release. Set a new landmark for serious science fiction in the best directed movies of the 1979 along with a strong female role starring Sigourney Weaver. IMDb #63.

  • Dogville (2003) .. Lars von Trier
    Nicole Kidman offers up a superb performance in a script that is super rich in acting, a blend of a movie directed stage production that penetrates into the inner core of the human soul. One of the most powerful portrayals of social and interpersonal interactions on film.

  • Blade Runner (1982) .. Ridley Scott
    The original theatrical release. Another sci fi classic by Ridley Scott starring Harrison Ford...with rich layered, complicated and thought provoking narrative and film noir plot. IMDb #102. National Film Registry movie.

  • The Lost Room (2006) .. Craig R. Baxley
    A Science Fiction Channel Mini-Series from Lionsgate, starring Peter Krause as a police detective in search of his daughter who becomes lost in an room in an alternative reality and he must search for and encounter various individuals with ordinary objects with strange powers. This is an intense, hauntingly character-driven as well as eerie driven script that perfectly captures the strangeness and diverse humanity good and evil. [Reviewed 8/8/08]. Nine out of Ten Stars.

  • Mamma Mia! (2008) .. Phyllida Lloyd
    A near perfect musical for the baby-boomer generation that is pure refreshing, uninhibited entertainment, with great comedy and choreography, along with an award-winning singing, acting performance by Meryl Streep. Nine out of Ten Stars. [Reviewed 7/24/08].

  • He Was a Quiet Man (2007) .. Frank A. Cappello
    A compelling and visually fascinating look at a deranged corporate man played by Christian Slater in one of the best performances in years who befriends a female employee who is serious injured in a tragic accident at work. This reveals some of the best inner workings of the terrible experiences and emotions that compel people to inhuman actions. 9/10. Reviewed 2/21/08.

  • Body of Lies (2008) .. Ridley Scott
    Director Ridley Scott along with actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe have created an important statement in regards to cultural understanding and awareness in this captivated, compelling story about anti-terrorism and the need for human assets with compassion and heart. A mentally stimulating thriller with some techno-action, but it’s starring role is the humanity sustained in this movie. [Reviewed 10/12/08]. 9/10.

  • Mulholland Dr. (2001) .. David Lynch
    David Lynch’s eerie and most convoluted venture into mystery, murder, and the unfathomable. IMDb #230.

  • Crash (2004) .. Paul Haggis
    A hard-hitting ensemble movie involving the constant theme of racial stereotyping and hatred and the deadly consequences and the deeply emotional revelations of human relationships. IMDb #62. 2005 Oscar for Best Picture and Original Screenplay.

  • Touching the Void (2003) .. Kevin Macdonald
    A brilliant recreation of a mountain climbing event that went wrong. Some of the most breathtaking and calamitous shots filmed in documentary-like realism, with fantastic continuity and superb sound and music.

  • Fear and Trembling (2003) .. Alain Corneau
    The experience of a naive, fluent-Japanese speaking, Belgian, young female who gets a massive dose of Japanese working a huge import-expert corporation and the experiential collision between western and eastern cultures. A fascinating, humbling experience that raised the bar from Lost in Translation that came out the same year. Reviewed 6/4/05.

  • Lost in Translation (2003) .. Sofia Coppola
    A slice of life look at an outsider in Japan
    . One of Bill Murray’s finest performances. IMDb #223.

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) .. Quentin Tarantino
    This is among the best movies of the year from a script, cinematography, character standpoint. A substantive and deeper as well as more edgy, emotional version than the over the top Volume No. 1 which tended towards satire of a number of genre. IMDb #100.

  • Brazil (1985) .. Terry Gilliam
    A strange sci fi retro movie. IMDb #205.

  • THX-1138 (1971) .. George Lucas
    A sci fi classic of a strangely control society of the future

  • Forbidden Planet (1956) .. Fred M. Wilcox
    One of the best sci-fi movies of the 1950s.

  • Excalibur (1981) .. John Boorman
    One of the best Medieval knight movies, best King Arthur adaptations - with sincerity and raw integrity.

  • The Women (2008) .. Diane English
    Hits right on delving into the light comedy-drama of contemporary women of today’s generation. Bringing together a powerful ensemble cast of well-known female actresses, this movie explodes with an entertaining but fascinatingly real essence of contemporary women dealing with business and relational issues. [Reviewed 9/27/08]. Nine out of Ten Stars.

  • The Usual Suspects (1995) .. Bryan Singer
    One of the best twists in film-making. IMDb #16.

  • The Crying Game (1992) .. Neil Jordan
    A great surprise ending.

  • The House of Mirth (2000) .. Terence Davies
    A strong performance by Gillian Anderson of the X-files in a historical period piece.

  • The Nanny Diaries (2007) .. Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini
    Scarlet Johansson stars as a recent bachelor graduate in business with a minor in anthropology and voice overs her experience as a nanny in what is one of the best general audience movies that exposes the darker and richer themes of family drama. Even though marketed as a family comedy, this movie really is a compelling look at family dynamics with a real ending. 9/10. [Reviewed 9/1/07].

  • Pulp Fiction (1994) .. Quentin Tarantino
    IMDb #9.

  • Moulin Rouge (2001) .. Baz Luhrmann
    The best musical revival of the past decade.

  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962) .. David Lean
    An epic, Arabian historical movie. AFI #5. IMDb #29. National Film Registry movie.

  • 1408 (2007) .. Mikael Håfström
    One of the best horror thrillers in years, setting a new standard for this genre. John Cusack is a father who lost his daughter to cancer and is now staying in and writing about haunted places and he gets attempt to survive room 1408 in an hotel. 9/10. [Reviewed 6/23/07].

  • Spirited Away (2001) .. Hayao Miyazaki
    An amazing contemporary Japanese animated movie fairy-tale. IMDb #42.

  • Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) .. Rob Marshall
    A richly beautiful and elegant as well as disturbingly emotional sacrifice and burden of forbidden love of this mysterious role of Geisha. This powerful, compelling movie brings to life the suffering of idealistic love and the distinguished role of Geisha to American audiences. [Reviewed 1/5/06]. 2005 Oscars for Cinematography, Art Direction, and Costume Design.

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) .. David Fincher
    Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton star in this movie about a man who ages in reverse. The dazzling photography, luscious music, and the substantive and sensitive plot and subplots make up this amazing movie that spans the entire life of this unusual character. [Reviewed 1/10/09]. 9/10.

  • The Cooler (2003) .. Wayne Kramer
    William H. Macy and Maria Bello star in his wonderfully scored drama by Mark Isham dealing with a relationship between a professional cooler (who brings bad luck to customers) and a cocktail hostess. A rare tribute to acting, with realistic sex scenes, harsh old-style gambling punishment in this new film noir stylish display of dazzle and flash. 9/10 [Ranked #79 and moved to #35 as of 4/22/08].

  • Gone Baby Gone (2007) .. Ben Affleck
    One of the top ten movies of the year, this mystery-thriller written and directed by Ben Affleck, starring Casey Affleck is a blunt, hard-talking movie about a private investigator looking for a missing child and eventually evolves into twists and turns with tension filled drama and unsettling emotions with no really definitive answers except as to what happened. An easy Oscar nomination and perhaps win for Ben Affleck for best screenplay. 9/10. [Reviewed 11/11/07].

  • Punch-Drunk Love (2002) .. Paul Thomas Anderson
    A new type of love story starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson.

  • The Godfather (1972) .. Francis Ford Coppola
    AFI #3. IMDb #1. National Film Registry movie.

  • Schindler's List (1993) .. Steven Spielberg
    The powerful World War II classic of the Holocaust by Steven Spielberg. AFI #9. IMDb #6.

  • The Aviator (2004) .. Martin Scorsese
    Leonardo de Caprio and Cate Blanchett (Oscar’s best supporting actress award) become Howard Hughes and Kathryn Hepburn in this dramatic and literally explosive biopic. Cate offers one of the most dazzling female performances and acting roles becoming Mrs. Hepburn while Leonardo takes on a much needed role expanding wisely his talented abilities in this intense, raw, and revealing psychological portrayal of this reclusive man.

  • Changeling (2008) .. Clint Eastwood
    Director Clint Eastwood directs an award-winning performance from Angelina Jolie as the mother whose son is kidnapped and must suffer through a cover-up by the Los Angeles police in the 1920s when they return a strange boy as her son back to her. This period piece embraces both a psychological thriller, crime drama, and just a human interest story based on true events. A brilliant piece (except for an extended gap in the story at the beginning, Jolie’s character remains underdeveloped though brilliantly performed and a musical score that one point is discordant with what’s going on in the movie) One of the most convoluted rated movie. [Reviewed 2/19/09]. 8/10.

  • Molière (2007) .. Laurent Tirard
    A French produced period comedy drama that provides laugh at in a layered movie about the comedy actor who must disguise himself at a rich man’s estate and deal with a love interest at the same time. A strongly emotive movie with is both sophisticated and funny as well as seriously sad and happy. 9/10. Reviewed 2/19/08.

  • Heroes: Season 1 (2006-2007) .. various
    This science fiction television series that takes a more serious look at superheroes, is an amazing, dazzling, and compelling series of stories about ordinary people dealing with a special abilities along with a mysterious killer and a secret conspiracy. Rivals most science fiction movies for sustained emotional and dramatic impact. 9/10. [Completed review of series 1/12/07].

  • Breach (2007) .. Billy Ray
    Chris Cooper offers up a fantastic performance in the role of FBI traitor Robert Hanssen in a complex, subtle role that may be the best espionage drama to have been directed and produced. 9/10. [Reviewed 6/21/07].

  • Across the Universe (2007) .. Julie Taymor
    A brilliant, exhilarating fusion of Beatles music and lyrics that is enhanced by the romance and political statement of the sixties and cross-cultural perspectives. An exciting musical, art, and solid script that allows the Beatles to resurrect themselves to a new generation. 9/10. [Reviewed 10/12/07].

  • Unreal (2004) .. Sloan Copeland
    One of the most enjoyable, realistic presentations of romantic relational movies ever. Simple, but vital in its performances and script of just falling out of and falling in love. 9/10 [reviewed 2/23/07].

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