Evan T. Burchfield

Medford, Oregon, United States of America

My list is divided into three groups, by era: silents to 60s, 60s to 80s, 90s to now. It is simply a list of my favorites right now, as no one has seen every film. My taste gets slightly less canonical as time progresses, owing more to availability on DVD than anything else.

Some films have other films listed next to them as alternatives, in parentheses. This is my way to cheat the system and include way more than 50 films (my list already has 55+ main entries). In terms of my personal preference, there's no real difference between the movies listed and those in parentheses. Most of the time the alternative film is by the same director, but sometimes it is merely thematically or stylistically connected.

The bolded titles are my ten favorite films at the moment.

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