Harry Yung

Profession: Chartered Accountant (Canadian)
Formal training in film studies: none

Relevant background:

1. 700+ IMDb user comments posted
2. enthusiasm
3. my bi-weekly-updated movie blog that was started in March 2007: Movie Blog

1. Compiling this list is among the most painful of the compiler's experiences. The end result is a very personal choice first and foremost.

2. That said, there was a conscious effort to make this a representative list in a general context (prominent directors, language, genre etc). Otherwise, it could have easily included half a dozen Hitchcock films, or had half the selections as musicals.

3. The most favourite among the 50, personal choices again, are Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Camelot, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Lord of the Rings, Red Beard, 12 Angry Men.

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