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The Man Who Viewed Too Much
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Mike D'Angelo is a film critic for the Las Vegas Weekly, and has previously written on film for Esquire, Time Out New York, Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice. He has been a member of the New York Film Critics Circle since 2001.

As always with this sort of exercise, I'm a bit embarrassed by how few foreign-language films make the cut, though of course it seems obvious that films made in a language you understand have a massive advantage -- you just fully "get" them in a way that translation makes next to impossible. That my list abruptly ends in 2000 probably says less about the films of the past decade than it does about how much distance is required to process true greatness. (To cite just one example, while I certainly loved Unforgiven upon its release in 1992, I don't think I would then have considered it one of the 50 best films ever made.) Antonio Campos' Afterschool (2008) is perhaps the recent film most likely to appear on some future iteration of this list.

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