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Just qualified film student trying to scrape pennies together for post graduate study to try and live out my dream of being the eternal student and writer of the blog page: The Man Who Wrote Too Much

Preparing lists of my favourite films of all time always ends up being a somewhat dispiriting experience, as I realise that despite my pretensions towards a cultured outlook on cinema, the same old cult trash clogs up most of my list. Regardless, I have aimed for pure honesty and whilst I will always greatly admire the aesthetic and philosophical pleasures derived from the Ozu’s, Tarkovsky’s and Renoir’s of this world. My heart alas belongs to the Carpenter’s, Peckenpah’s and Cronenberg’s.

My love for the New Hollywood movement of the early seventies and an obsessive passion for Road Movies help explain away a lot of my list. There are also the obvious token choices from the Nouvelle Vague/Soviet Socialist Realism movements etc. I’ve therefore just included some reasoning though for a few of the slightly more idiosyncratic choices on my list:

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