Widgett Walls

I am Widgett Walls, chief cook and bottle washer at Needcoffee.com. Previously, I served as a writer and editor for Corona's Coming Attractions. I've been interested in movies since I was knee high to a fetus, and have been writing about them actively since around 1996/1997. I agonized over this list far too much and now feel compelled to explain myself, something my parents have been trying to do for close to 37 years. Some of these films are, in my opinion, perfect films that belong on any list. GODFATHER, yes, BRAZIL, yes. Some are flawed but fascinating experiences like 2001. Some mark a transition, like TERMINATOR 2--which to me is showing the change from in-camera to CG effects. Some have scripts that just are painfully wordfully fantastic, like LION IN WINTER or GLENGARRY. And some are just films that I never tire of watching, like BLUES BROTHERS. So, here it is. Come back tomorrow and I would no doubt have a different list.

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