Dave Rolinson

Lecturer in Media/Communications at the University of Stirling, author of Alan Clarke (2005) and many film/TV articles, editor of Play for Today.

Rules for myself: no more than 1 film per director, apart from directors who make it impossible. I deleted some favourites in that pompous way we do when compiling lists (as if the list would be destabilised by random 24 Hour Party People, A Hard Day’s Night or Hellzapoppin’). It feels too soon to name anything from the last decade (that’s cowardly, right?). Yes, a Top 50 is harder than a Top 10. The next 50 would include Miracle in Milan, The Magnificent Ambersons, A Cottage on Dartmoor, Brazil, The Ladykillers (1955), more Bresson, lots of Tarkovsky, Memento and The Big Combo. I’ve listed at least ten more films in this introduction, but it’s still a Top 50. Yes it is.

In chronological order:

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